Health and Healthcare Partner

Health and Healthcare Partner

The medical facilities are under great pressure due to the demand for high-quality care at low cost, downsizing and rising seniors.

Confide has specialized in providing solutions to companies working in health and health partner and provides management of health risks and human resources consulting to health services and primary care team, clinical, hospitals and blood banks, and all the professionals who make up the main risks being worked:

  • Professional liability.
  • Liability for clinical trials or economic loss by professional disqualification.
  • Liability for the use of radioactive equipment.
  • Comprehensive management of the accident: transaction, assessment, trading and settlement, statistical information.
  • Risk of damage to hospital equipment.
  • Risks and medicalized ambulance vehicle equipment.
  • Group life insurance, accidents and accidental spread of infectious diseases.
  • Temporary Disability Insurance Work for freelancers.
  • Rental Property Insurance for financing stays in partner health centers and seniors.

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