Ciber Risk


Ciber Risk

Today almost all companies are putting emphasis on improving its communication strategy, service and delivery over the Internet and other information systems.

These companies increasingly store more personal and business information online servers(cloud computing) the detriment of the company's own servers.

This technological change has helped improve the economic situation of companies, helping small businesses to become international companies and large companies become more global. However, This technological advancement has led to the emergence of a new category of risks still unknown.

The risks covered by Ciber risk are extremely varied; from human errors like forgetting the laptop on a train to hackers and cyber-espionage attacks, common claims can be very expensive for the companies and institutions covered by the error or attack.

The global cost of cybercrime Year 2011 was 300 billion euros, producing a victim for some type of online crime each 19 seconds.

These events can have dire economic consequences for the company itself, besides causing irreparable damage to the company image.

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