Confide Health


Confide Health

Confide In Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage SA, we are an independent division leader in Consulting and Risk Management for Healthcare Organizations providing an overview of the risk management. A unit led to design and seek specific solutions for the treatment, management and risk financing.

On the two sides: public and private.

In the public sector as cooperating broker-advisers CatSalut (Catalan Health Service) and private schools (Red Catalana of hospitals arranged) regarding their asset liability.

At this time significant figures, in this area are:
- Historical claims processed: 23.100 (year 2015)
- Live Claims: 8.337 (year 2015)

Currently we support the Run-off (assignment of contractual commitments) stage insurer Winterthur (2.000 claims), coordinating such management with the Council of the Medical Association of Catalonia.

In the private sector, We are brokers each 300 hospitals, throughout the Spanish territory.

We have a team dedicated to this sector, of lawyers and associated administrative support.

Our mediation service, advice and administration is based on an insurance system designed "ad hoc" adapted to the specificities of our country, and to which we have contributed continuously, as mediators, independently without linkages to other brokerage companies, from 1993. All this while maintaining, continuously, the core of the team that manages this area Confide.

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