Credit Insurance and Surety


Credit Insurance and Surety

The Credit Department Confide has professionals with proven experience in the Credit Insurance Market, offering comprehensive and innovative management of all the risks associated with their receivables.

Proactively, we offer alternative coverage offered by the Insurance Market (national and international) that best meet their needs and advise them on the most efficient way to cover their risks..

Practice and Surety Bonding helps companies to ensure compliance with its legal or contractual obligations to a third, providing protection for their works or service contracts with both public agencies and between individuals.

Protecting Your Business Risks

Regarding al credit insurance, we have a specialized department in this type of insurance with the primary objective of adding value in the vicinity of Commercial Risks:

Prospecting for new customers: by Databases with rating of solvency of companies.

Tracing: with Financial Reporting tools or "Business Intelligence"

Protection and Indemnity: through Credit Insurance

Recovered for unpaid (out insurance): contributing companies performing this service both domestically and to export customers with very competitive costs depending on the amount recovered.

Financing: structured credit insurance to be valued positively by financial institutions or by its suppliers.

Depending on the structure of its client, les can diseñar different types of coverage:

For newly established companies

For sales in domestic, only export sales and sales in any market (domestic and export).

International Programs

Excess losses

 “Top up buyers” o “Clientes Top”

Second Layer

Insurance caution

By surety, Insured to the Insurer guarantees the fulfillment of contractual or legal obligations of the Policyholder.

Its main benefit is to replace bank guarantees, thereby avoids the freezing of funds of the company. Different types:

  • Bidding and Contract Enforcement Administration against

  • Enhancing amounts on account of homes for sale

  • Travel

  • Realtors

  • Temporary Employment

  • Other safeguards against Public Administration
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