The liability is based on the Latin principle "alterum non laedere" ( not cause damage to other) , as well as the obligation to repair the damage that has been caused.

Responsibility translates, for, obliged to compensate the damage caused to the victim, shown to be of very different natures as; property damage, personal injury, moral damages and consequential damages and / or consequential actions or omissions.

Therefore, the exercise of an economic or professional activity can generate important responsibilities to customers and third parties and Liability policies emerge to protect professional and business assets to allow for these potential claims.

Our deep understanding of the different risk areas Liability and its application to various businesses and professions as well as our long experience in claims management of this area, allows us to offer tailored solutions capable of responding to the problems and needs of our clients.

These responsibilities, Our team provides solutions to the following coverage Liability :

-All types of compulsory insurance (circulation , hunting , federative etc ...)
-Accidental and / or malicious contamination.
-From the Directors, managers, patrons and founders.
-Product and Product Recall.
-Employment Practices.
-Infidelity of Employees.
-Payment protection.
-Ciber riesgo.

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