Business Continuity Plans

Business Continuity Plans

There are multiple external events, crisis, which may interrupt or interfere continuity of your activity. Example, fire. Such events may have a negative impact on the strength of the business (lost opportunities ...) since losses beyond the insured contingencies that may occur, if, go directly against the income of the company.

In this context it is necessary to propose concrete solutions based on experience, the ability to anticipate adversity and adequate response following a crisis situation. We use risk management techniques that could prevent and limit losses to claims, but also ensure the recovery of assets and preserve, full, Business Continuity.

Strategic continuity plans structure the response to an emergency avoiding business stand, being lost customers or suppliers, or that competitors can take competitive advantage of that situation unfortunately. This planning starts with identifying the hazards present and potential, defining the necessary strategies to mitigate. Then be established processes for action in emergency, crisis management and communication. The next phase includes actions for the recovery of economic activity that is vital for the preservation of computer systems (doubling or tripling servers, looking for security vendors, distant servers, mirror copies, etc.)

The goal is to recover the activity in the minimum time possible on the assumption of the worst case scenario.

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