A sinister is an unexpected event that causes actual damage which may be guaranteed by insurance under certain conditions and up to a certain amount.

Obligations of the insured in case of disaster:

  1. Reduce the result. The insured must try to minimize the consequences, adopting the measures it deems most appropriate.
  2. Notify, communicate, the incident the insurer (through Confide) within a maximum period of 7 days have known.
  3. Provide the insurer how much additional information and documentation requested, in particular regarding the assessment of the incident.
  4. Report to injured the existence of the policy to facilitate your claim.

Obligations of the insured in case of receiving a complaint:

  1. Do not admit liability.
  2. No trading, compromise. Not make or commit to make any payment.
  3. Do not reveal that you reported or intends to report the accident to the insurance.
  4. Take no action that might prejudice the position of the insurer or its ability to investigate the claim or the circumstances surrounding.
  5. If in doubt contact your partner Confide which will help you determine the appropriate action.

Obligations of insurer

  1. Payment of the compensation based on the assessment of damage and contractual terms of the policy.
  2. Communicate, if, reasoned written, the refuse of the incident.


1.- Opening the file. Receipt of notification of a claim in which provides information on causes, circumstances and consequences.

2.- Initial assessment of the incident.

3.- Review of most important aspects to confirm whether to continue the management of the incident or has to give closed. The company can position itself in the following ways:

  • The incident is not the subject of coverage. Communicates the rehúse.
  • No cover. Proceed to compensation.
  • If there is doubt in settling a claim is continued.

4 Intervention, if, an expert in charge of analyzing the circumstances and causes of the incident and assess the damage.

5 Resolution processing. After analyzing the circumstances, assess the damage and estimate the compensation, the insurer may take the following decisions.

  • Settle compensation.
  • Pay compensation and cancel the insurance contract at maturity in certain circumstances.
  • Opposing settling the claim, with reasons, in case of lack of coverage