Restoration, Hospitality, Tourism

Restoration, Hospitality, Tourism

 Turismo, catering and hospitality employers require their exquisite care in the selection of materials and providers of service, being human value, one of the key elements in the development of business.

& Nbsp; Confide team has extensive experience designing and managing insurance programs both big chains, as industrial catering and end.

& Nbsp; Our team works with the client to identify all the risks inherent in the business and, above all, to giving customers the level of service excellence designed by our policyholders.

& Nbsp; therefore, we provide not only the design and management of traditional insurance programs (Damage ,Liability, Loss of Benefits, etc ...) but, a wide range of coverages designed to meet the needs of your guests and clients during their stay at your facility (accidents coverage, pharmaceutical surgical medical assistance, cancellation of trips and events, etc ...)

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