Business Continuity Plans


Business Continuity Plans

Citing statistics from insurers, over 20% industries who have medium intensity fire or high, not return to recover and have to leave the business.

The speed with which today's businesses operate, an incident a few hours can have a catastrophic impact on the results and the image of the organization suffers.

Even if the facilities are repaired and ensure compensation for the stoppage ; How the supply chain will keep its customers?

Have a Business Continuity Plan ensures the proper development of the company facing a crisis situation, increasing the chances of survival of the company.

These focus Continuity Plans, not only possible physical disasters such as fire or flood, but increasingly there are extra risks with adverse impacts on companies, such as:

• Damage to infrastructure or electricity services, water, communication, strikes in cleaning services, etc..
• Damage as deliberate acts of terrorism sabotage, wars, theft, strikes, etc..

The Business Continuity Plan can anticipate these situations, identifying risks of sufficient magnitude to impair the normal operation of businesses and identifying and standardizing the actions to take if such situations occur.

Hence, from Confide, actively work with our customers through tailored proposals that convert these Business Continuity Plans in security tools, stability and risk management of our clients.

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