Liability of Directors, Managers and Patrons

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Liability of Directors, Managers and Patrons

The evolution of civil liability regime is marked today by a quantitative and qualitative increase in new cases of responsibility as well as a greater tendency to increase the number of lawsuits filed, following the American model and is spreading more and more in Europe.

According to Data from the insurance market, claims against directors in Spain grow at a rate of 20% Annual and, at 75% cases, demands come from shareholders and employees of the company itself , while an 15% customers are and 4% Competitors are imposed.

 Desde 1990 spreads from liability for damage caused to society, social partners and creditors "malice, serious abuse of power or severe "to directors' liability" for acts contrary to law or statute or those made without the diligence with which they must perform their duties negligence ".

The recourse, for, a personal responsibility, universal and unlimited and can threaten both your heritage as his family may incur criminal liability even.

The fact that this responsibility is defined by the "lack of diligence", opens the door to claims for mismanagement committed by imprudence, negligence, omission, error, misrepresentation, etc ...

Hence, from Confide, pay special attention to this type of coverage, because we care so much about protecting the assets of the companies and the people who manage and direct.

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