Health Insurance


Health Insurance

We have a unique health department for this area, currently manages a large portfolio, both Group Insurance for Business, as Autonomous and Individuals, wherever you are, both in Spain and abroad pudiéndoles offer a number of advantages such as:

- Significant experience in underwriting groups, allows us to advise you in the market, the product that best suits your needs, technically and economically.

- Knowledge of processes and internal rules for Insurance and Reinsurance.

- Relationships at the highest level with national insurance companies and international.

- Ability to negotiate at all times better for any coverage.

- Infrastructure, Technical and administrative, both Barcelona and Madrid.

- Our existing portfolio in major Health Insurance Companies, gives us strength against the same, at any step.

- Comfortable and free access to the service, with the use of personal magnetic card.

- With free choice between clinics, hospitals and private practitioners first national and international order

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